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Broadway World-Rhum Barbancourt

Broadway World featured two different Rhum Barbancourt cocktails in their latest article.

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Beverage Dynamics – Gin XII

Beverage Dynamics included Gin XII's Mademoiselle Rose cocktail in their article of cocktails...

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Beverage Dynamics – Absente Refined

Beverage Dynamics included Absente's Midnight Martini cocktail in their article of cocktails that...

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Coachella Valley – Rhum Barbancourt

Coachella Valley recently reviewed Rhum Barbancourt and included the cocktail Before Sunrise in...

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LA Story – Absente

LA-Story featured the Green Fairy cocktail made with Absente Absinthe Refined as April's...

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Tasting Table – Rhum Barbancourt

The Tasting Table put Rhum Barbancourt 15 Years at second place of the...

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Living the Gourmet – Absente

Living the Gourmet featured Absente in their article about the history of absinthe...

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Medium – Rhum Barbancourt

Medium included Rhum Barbancourt's Top Tier Daiquiri cocktail to their Ultimate 2022 Spring...

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